How Reduce Yield Loss and Improve Stand Count Accuracy


Springtime is right here, and also as agriculture experts plan for planting this period, we understand that evaluating emergence will certainly be top of mind. Precise stand counts and early treatment can indicate the distinction between a successful harvest or significant crop losses. Yet conventional ground sampling is inaccurate as well as commonly involves a high margin of mistake.

Agremo offers a cost-efficient alternative to conventional stand counts that is simple and also accurate. Drone-based stand counts allow farming specialists pinpoint areas of prospective return loss and also take rehabilitative activity at vital times during the expanding season.

During a recent journey, the Agremo discovered that over 75% of farmers have troubles with plant loss as a result of unreliable stand counts. When asked what they would certainly make with information gotten from precise stand counts and just how this would certainly benefit them, roughly 80% said that data would certainly enable them to change their crops and also pest control procedures as well as address reduced germination rates in time. The continuing to be 20% said that accurate stand matters would make it feasible for them to confirm how reliable an on the surface carried out replanting was.

What you see with your nude eye could be many hundreds or thousands of bucks far from what you might have achieved.

When you face with occasions that might affect plant emergence, you need to act rapidly. Within a brief home window of time, you must review whether in-season course improvements deserve the price, or if it’s finest to reduce expenses and allow the area run its training course. Yet traditional ground sampling approaches offer very little details through which to make these essential decisions. They involve taking an example as well as extrapolating it across an entire field, which can in a high margin of error. At ideal, they supply a rough estimate of plant development.

One way to examine corn stands is the 1/1000th-acre technique. To obtain the variety of plants per acre, farmers count the number of corn plants in a certain length of row (1/1000th of an acre) and multiply the number by 1000. This is after that repeated in various places in the field. An additional method of taking stand counts is called the wheel technique, where 150 plants are counted while determining the distance making use of a gauging wheel. Several locations are sampled in the field, then the results are extrapolated throughout the whole field.

Exact stand matters are extremely important to provide understanding into the following very early period tasks:

Planter effectiveness. Was my planter working properly? Do I need to make any modifications or repairs before using it in other areas?
Early period hybrid efficiency, and indicators of insect or illness stress
Locations to re-plant


We recommend utilizing Agremo on any variety of crops throughout the year, however below are a pair of typical plant kinds and suggestions on when to carry out drone-based stand matters:

Winter season Wheat: review yield loss

If you’re running in an area that experienced a specifically cold winter season, it is necessary to see how the plants are replying to the weather. Once the snow has thawed or as soon as the winter mores than, execute a plant population evaluation to figure out yield loss.

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Corn and also soy: assess development and figure out areas to re-plant (V2-V4).

Estimate sowing quality as well as spot areas with low performance. The accurate variety of plants and the place of low-performing areas will certainly tell you whether or not to replant, examine very early losses, and review planter efficiency.

Easily produce a soybean stand matter record such as this, to pinpoint areas of possible yield loss and also take rehabilitative activity at key times throughout the expanding season.

Agremo is readily available to buy per acre in the DroneDeploy application market, or you can acquire the Accuracy Ag Bundle that includes 1,000 acres of analysis. To utilize the app, mount it from the DroneDeploy app marketplace, develop an Agremo account, fly your areas after that submit the refined images to Agremo for analysis.

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