Filming With a Drone Above Dubai


The UAE General Civil Aeronautics Authority (GCAA) has asked light air sporting activities fanatics, including drone enthusiasts, to fly their aircraft only in recognized clubs accepted by the authority to resolve safety and security as well as protection issues. Most especially, the GCAA also warned drone hobbyists versus outfitting their automobiles with laser devices, video cameras, and also other estimate tools. Doing so can result in your devices being taken by the cops with a significant fine. So what are the fundamental policies?

Well, all flying need to happen within the visual line of sight of the user and not above 400 feet from ground degree without making use of visual help, such as binoculars and within the aircraft’s operational array.

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Fly just throughout daytime and also in excellent climate condition and also do not under any kind of scenarios fly within 5 kilometers from any kind of airport terminals, airports, touchdown areas or manned aircraft. Do not fly near any buildings, homes, personal properties or individuals as well as lastly unless you have authorization do not fly for business objectives.

For filmmakers, film, as well as media manufacturing firms in Dubai as well as other industrial users, drone pilots should get a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Civil Aeronautics Authority (DCAA). This letter can be gotten after enrollment, pre-assessment and also previous authorization from the Dubai Film and also TELEVISION Payment (DFTC).

It is vital to keep in mind that throughout the UAE there are laws regarding drone flying as well as not simply Dubai, so you need to talk to the equivalent emirate before removing. Each emirate might have slightly different regulations and guidelines. Because this is a relatively new area of interest, regional regulations and also legislations might for some time be in a state of change as well as subject to change; as a result, it is important to consult the DFCT and the DCAA before you start recording with your drone.

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