What Are The Benefits Of Using Drones Thermal Imaging for Precision Agriculture

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The days of impossible manual routine checks on the crops to detect problems with fruits or yields, damage by farm pest and weather condition is now made easy with the use of aerial machines- drones. For farmers, agricultural drones are very helpful in monitoring the progress of the plants as well as letting the farmers know the extent of the problem, if any so as to make plans to tackle them and save the farm.


Thermal imaging

Farming often times comes with some challenges that if not discovered in good time may pose serious problems to farmers. To avert this, mechanize farmers employ different measures and tools to help detect these plant worries, like the use of satellite-based systems for farm monitoring, helicopters and other ways. But recently, technology has helped with the introduction of agricultural drones. These aerial machines have made the studying of plant life cycle easy, farmers are able to predict the plant yield, they can also manage irrigation and preserve their farms from eventualities. Thermal imaging in precision agriculture converts or presents the unseen radiation into a seen object or image and it is very helpful in quality agricultural practice.
Thermal imaging does not miss anything or detail in the farm, it monitors the seen and the infrared reaction plants give out. The drones thermal imaging captures all this information for the farmer, to enable him/her to make out the issues affecting and threatening the plants like; pest infestation, weeds encroachment, climate change issues, poor irrigation, improper fertilizer application and more for appropriate action.

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Benefits of thermal imaging

Proper irrigation. Naturally, all plants depend on proper irrigation and nutrient supply for a good yield, for this reason, farmers look for ways to arrest and prevent poor irrigation. In addition to that, poor irrigation also brings heat stress on the plant another problem for plants; because when this happens it results in the terrible and permanent destruction of the farm.
However, when this situation is discovered early a lot of bad agricultural experiences are curtailed. To achieve this, the use of drones and its thermal imaging gives the solution because with the super speed and eagle eyesight; it is able to capture all these details and foretell the impending crisis before the outbreak.

Drones have truly proven to be the best option for agriculturist against every other machine for precision agriculture. Its provision of thermal imaging is unmatched with the inconsistent offerings of the manned aircraft and the satellite systems; where the clouds and other atmospheric conditions hinder the helicopters from giving an accurate picture of the plants and the farm. Thermal imaging pierces through all those obstructions to tell exactly the nature of irrigation, climate change and their effects on the plants among other issues. The monitoring by satellites sometimes fail to capture and give every detail of the farm situations, these and more are the many aspects that drones with its thermal imaging pride itself with for precision agriculture.

About Precision Agriculture

Finding out the condition of the plants, irrigation- is the water flowing evenly through the farmland, are the plants receiving adequate nutrients as well, all these and more are the concerns of precision agriculture. But, for the correct assessment of the farm situation, precision agriculture uses technological equipment and tools to have these done. That is the reason for the satellite monitoring systems, manned helicopters, and recently the use of drones.

Mapping the farm field made possible

It will be to the advantage of the farmer if every information on possible farm defects are known early, for that reason precision agriculture suggest the monitoring and assessment of farm fields before cultivation to detect any fault and give appropriate remedies.
Commercial agriculture is now made up of fewer practices thanks to precision agriculture. This has made provision for tools that will help farmers discover on-time plant issues and thereby saving the farmers from the usual panic and losses that these problems bring with them. So thermal imaging remains the best solution for all farm worries.One of the benefits of thermal imaging is the mapping of the farm fields, farmers are able to get a true high-resolution picture of their farms.
It is also easy to spot poor crop vegetation areas on time and they give necessary solutions.

Mapping also helps in the developing of the actual footprints of the damaged spots on the farm field as well as the cause of the crop defects. This will also allow for a timely arrest of the situation to prevent a spread particularly if it concerns a pest infestation.
A threat of heat stress as in the case of poor irrigation is clearly captured on the map and the location too for immediate treatment.
Erosion one of the oldest farm crisis and its effects are usually grave, as it does not only destroy the plants but the farm field as well since it is caused by the topography or the position of the land on which the farm field is situated. Thermal imaging captures on spot the exact location or area that is prone to erosion, this can be achieved before the cultivation of the farmland; when this happens the farmer is saved from the dangers and crisis that accompanies erosion.


Thermal imaging and vine protection

For the winemakers, one of the problems they experience is the poor quality in wine production which is mostly caused by poor uniformity or inconsistency in the vines. This conditions also affect their ripening speed and time thereby ending in low quality of wine production.
However, the duty of precision agriculture is to put the necessary tools in place to help check the differences in vines as well as the spaces in between them which causes poor wine production. One of the ways to check this situation is to ensure proper irrigation on the farm because when the vines are evenly watered, they all reach maturity and ripening at the same time thereby giving chance to good wine production.
More so, when these vine differences are detected on time, inconsistent ripening can be averted and poor wine quality stalled. Thanks to precision agriculture, drones thermal imaging is able to monitor the farm fields, detect these anomalies early for necessary action to be taken. Also, drones help farmers supervise the farms where a man cannot penetrate and detect these machines ensures that and this is a big advantage to a profitable agricultural practice.

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