DJI Zenmuse XT2


Matching the seo-automated-link-building-1 Tau 2 warm sensor and 4K visual camera with DJI’s driving adjustment and machine knowledge innovation, the XT2 rapidly changes elevated information into incredible bits of knowledge that spare time, cash – and lives.

Robust Dual-Sensor Thermal Solution

Housed inside a climate safe encasing is a mix of FLIR’s progressed radiometric warm sensor also, 4K visual sensor – all incorporated consistently with DJI’s incredible undertaking ramble stages.

Transform Data into Insights in Real-Time

Empowered by a suite of processors and PC vision calculations, the XT2’s locally available Machine Intelligence enables groups to recognize what’s significant while on location, rather than after a long handling time.

dji flir zenmuse xt2 thermal camera 640x512 30hz 19mm zxt2a19fr dji 06e 1

Heat Tracking

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Temp Alarm

dji flir zenmuse xt2 thermal camera 336x256 9hz 19mm zxt2b19sr dji 796 1

Flir MSX

Ready for Action


With a fast turn of the wrist the Zenmuse XT2 verifies onto DJI’s industry-driving M200 Series, M200 Series V2 and M600 Pro automatons to give pilots an immediate view and control of this amazing warm sensor.

At the point when the XT2 is mounted onto a M200 Series or M200 Series V2 ramble, pilots have a joined arrangement that expands the activity window for automaton innovation – giving pilots a chance to fly unquestionably in lowlight conditions, through a solid breeze or in light downpour.

Using the M210, M210 RTK, M210 V2 or M210 RTK V2 ramble models, pilots can construct progressively hearty automaton arrangements around the XT2 after some time by including zoom cameras, extra installed PCs and different payloads to fit an assortment of specific missions.

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