What Are Commercial Drones

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Technology is ever consistent in making living easy for everyone, this is seen in the making and introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) popularly known as drones into the world. These aerial machines at inception were designed for military purposes, as the world is constantly evolving, the advantages of drones for other purposes as such it earned the acceptance and usefulness of other business concerns.
seo-automated-link-building-1 are aerial machines specifically for business/profiting purposes and they offer assistance in a lot of areas like land surveying, agricultural spraying, wedding photography, and many others. Commercial drones are carefully designed with an excellent camera and video capabilities for quality image capturing.
However, there are some regulations guarding the use of drones, these conditions are necessary to ensure the safe usage of the unmanned aerial machine for commercial purposes.

commercial drones 550x367

Commercial drone regulations

⇒ The FAA requires competence as such they emphasize that the drone pilot should have 16 years of experience in commercial drone use, or earn a pilot certification. This can be gotten through participation in one of the FAA.

⇒ As d drone pilot you are expected to take an examination every two years to certify your continued competence and knowledge of the aerial machine.

⇒ You also need to be vetted by the transportation security administration of your state.

⇒ You are also expected to have a fair knowledge of airspace classification, adverse weather, stringent regulations and how to operate the aircraft.

These are the basic requirement you need as a commercial drone pilot.
But, for safety reasons, there are yet some more rules to adhere like: the drone must be diligently checked and critically inspected before every flight.

 The commercial drones weight must not exceed 55 pounds.

All accidents must be reported to the FAA within 10 days of the occurrence

The aerial machine must be flown on the airspace with the approval of the traffic controller. And lastly, the drone pilot must ensure that the machine allows the right of the airway to manned aircraft like the airplanes and helicopters.


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More & Pre-Flight Requirements

Notwithstanding all these, anybody with a certificate waiver from the FAA can still be allowed to fly the drone for commercial purposes.

Inform people before taking pictures of them from your aircraft.

Ensure that flying is done in the day,30 minutes before sunrise and after sunset.

Never use a moving car when operating your drone.

You must not exceed 100 miles per hour when flying

Never fly over people’s property without their knowledge and permission

Benefits of commercial drones


Agriculture : irrigation, pest infestation, dictate climate and soil change and effect necessary solution.

Bridge Building

Architecture &construction: architects are able to create 3D impressions of structures with the aerial shots, giving their work a more accurate presentation.

video transmition

Media: journalist use drones to capture aerial shots for a comprehensive news reportage.

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Emergency services: drones are helpful in spotting locations of disasters for a prompt response.


Engineering: drones are very useful in the inspection of transmission cables, pipelines, airport maintenance, and other infrastructure projects.


Drones are helpful for good resolution aerial mapping and mapping is made possible through the creation of measurement from aerial photographs, this process is otherwise called photogrammetry. Before now, aerial photographs could only be gotten through aerial capturing from a manned aircraft, but with the innovation of drone technology workers can map big and large expanse of lands quickly.


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For surveillance, drones are great assistance to law enforcement agencies, as they provide advanced surveillance for security and defense. The drones used by some military agencies have the capacity of staying in the air for hours and even days to scan the whole town. With the help of the surveillance drone, people’s location can be traced, phone calls and text messages can be intercepted.

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Mapping drones benefits

Time management: aerial mapping with drones saves time and is more efficient, as they are easy to operate and programmed.

Safety concerns: with drones, tough terrains, locations made impossible by natural disasters, mountains, and many other difficult areas are easy to capture for mapping.

Business enlargement: including technology systems into your offerings, is going to boost your competence and grow your clientage.

Environmental consideration: regular mapping involves a lot of drilling, plumbing and other degrees of the manual task that disturbs residents. With GIS mapping, the task is limited to observation, recording, and interpretation only. So you don’t have to keep the entire city awake for your mapping research.

Surveillance drones benefits

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• Easy gathering of information, with the aid of drones, gathering of data on any subject from an altitude is possible.

Durability guaranteed: drones are equipped to withstand any kind of weather condition. This is to ensure continued access to survey subject.

Superior intelligence: drone surveillance is great in getting enemies data for government agencies. For the military, the drone may be weaponized.

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Security and public safety

Public safety is one of the most essential responsibilities of any government. For that reason, the government has the freedom of exploring and using every avenue they find to maintain the security of lives and property the much they can.
Drones have become an asset to many sectors in the society and more prominent with public safety and security, because they have the capacity to save lives and handle seemingly challenging situations within the shortest time possible.

public safety drones

Crime investigation: For some dangerous crime situation, investigators use UAV footage to have a clear view of the actual location of the crime and details too.

Terrorist activities: with the help of some specialized applications, drones are good at identifying terrorist possible locations for immediate security actions. Investigations can also be handled from afar with drones, and the safety of officers is also guaranteed.

security drones

Handling civil unrest and hostile rioting: in periods of demonstration, drones are usually deployed to monitor the civil activity and to ensure no breach of law and order.

Rapid response: the video and infrared cameras in drones are helpful in quick and critical rescue operations. They have the capacity to manage disasters, special occasions and observe traffic.The thermal imaging is also designed to help in the search of missing people, they fly through the sky searching the forest and behind buildings for clues.

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Surveillance and crowd monitoring: these aerial machines also plays the role of surveillance and security of people during big events. The monitor for potential threats, scan for nefarious activities, eventualities and transmits the information to safety officials for the corresponding action.

Manpower assistance: police officers have the time to handle other official demands while the aerial machine captures, saves and records footage for subsequent work.

Drones For Inspection

Companies and agencies have the need to carry out periodic inspection and close monitoring of facilities. Industries like oil and gas, construction and communications undergo regular inspections with the use of drones to ensure their working condition.

1. Skyspecs’ automatic drone inspection Wind Handbook

Turbines inspection, the vastness of wind turbines and their remote location make reaching them a little difficult. Drones have effectively replaced the use of hydraulic cranes, cherry pickers and rope descent, with its safe and efficient provisions. With its high definition camera, drones are able to capture full and high-resolution recordings at a less expensive cost.

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High voltage cables, to maintain the power cables, the pylons need to be checked often and their insulators inspected to identify potential thermographic issues. To carry out this inspection, drones are the safest and cheapest solution compared to the helicopter and its expensiveness.

inspection drones

Pipelines inspection, the maintenance, and inspection of pipelines that spans into thousands of miles are made easy with the use of UAV. Because of the potential risk involved, inspections must be carried out discreetly to avert unprepared shutdowns, leakages, and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Drones For Mining

mining construction

Drones are simply taking the mining industry higher, providing less expensive services than helicopters. For mining, drones are very useful in the following ways:
• The surveying of mines
Mapping the deposit location
• Searching for minerals
• Tracking stockpile quantity
• Monitoring equipment
• Photography and footage recording.

Drones For Construction

Truth About Drones in Construction and Inspection

They have been significant changes in the construction industry with the coming of drones. Some uses of drones in the construction industry include:
• surveying lands, with drones, human errors are greatly reduced.
• Communication management: drones provide footage to help communication and surveillance for companies to monitor employees and worker performance on site.
• Security: drones are used to maintain the security of employees and protect the site from vandalism and burglary.
• Infrastructure improvement, drones help to get and report information on time, making the job process faster.
Drones for mining

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