Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone

ANAFI Thermal – the ultra-minimized, lightweight and performant warm imaging automaton – will change the manner in which you work. Regardless of whether it’s those working in development, for example, roofers, protection and warm review pros – or those in open administrations, common security and crisis administrations partners – ANAFI Thermal is the adaptable, across the board apparatus that will bolster experts over a wide scope of enterprises.

Anafi in The Construction industry

As development industry experts like a specialist or a colleague of a Public Works Group you can deliver warm readings, get a review of the warm misfortunes of a veneer or watch the state of a structure. The automaton offers cost-control advantages and evacuates the requirement for gear, for example, stepping stools and framework.


Anafi For Security Speicialist

As common security specialists, you can, remotely and post-mediation, screen hot focuses and choose whether, as indicated by the outcomes watched, to hold a group or gear nearby. In the case of utilizing 4K pictures or warm rendering, looking for individuals in rough zones can be quicker, without jeopardizing the groups.

Anafi For Electric Power Transporters

As vitality providers and transporters, in only a couple of minutes you can distinguish a power disappointment on a high-voltage link, or detach a faulty sun oriented board with a light and simple to execute arrangement.

Anafi For Safeguard Offices

As natural security and safeguarding officers, you can work with the automaton circumspectly and quietly which limits potential worry to creatures. ANAFI warm influences it conceivable to watch, to distinguish and tally species while the pilot stays at a sheltered separation – possibly notwithstanding shielding creatures from poachers through remote checking.


The FreeFlight 6 application enables you to effectively change from a RGB view to a warm view or consolidation the two for a flawlessly decipherable and conceivable rendering of everything.

The subtleties of the scene are noticeable and hued to uncover the warm contrasts and the zones of misfortune. 3 gatherings of settings are accessible:

– Relative: shows the scope of temperature contrasts, from the most sizzling to the coldest

– Absolute: set the scope of temperature esteems

– Spot: just the most blazing or coldest spots are segregated

In only a couple of moments you can share photographs and recordings of your assignments with your clients, colleagues and accomplices. Replay recordings and change the scope of settings to confine a component or dissect temperatures. 


ANAFI Thermal’s gimbal tilts vertically to +/ – 90°. Utilizing warm imaging and RGB, you can review directly underneath structures in apex view or rooftops and level surfaces in nadir see. Because of its x3 zoom, you can see a flyover building or region in moment subtleties with complete wellbeing.
Lightweight (315g/11.1 oz.) and ultra minimal with an extraordinary collapsing plan, ANAFI Thermal unfurls and is operational in 3 seconds as it were. It go with you on each assignment, even the most perplexing, because of the dependability and accuracy of its control and the intensity of its motors.