Matrice 200 Series V2

The Matrice 200 Series V2 is an overhauled mechanical robot arrange expected for any endeavor, paying little mind to how exceptional. The M200 Series V2 holds the harsh arrangement, clear setup, and basic customization of the first robots, with logically lively systems that improve flight execution, and included prosperity and security features. Specialists from a variety of endeavors can rely upon the M200 Series V2 to execute their step by step endeavors even more safely and capably.


strong and stable outing with the new OcuSync 2.0 system, which supports modified twofold repeat band switching[2] and extends flight range to up to 8km.

Data Accuracy

The TimeSync structure steadily alters the flight controller, camera, GPS module, RTK module for the M210 RTK V2, similarly as payloads or introduced ornament. The position data is fixed to the point of convergence of the CMOS for definite geotagging while using DJI payloads.


When multiple payloads or third-party payloads are installed, users can readjust the drone’s center of gravity in the DJI Pilot app, enhancing flight performance and safety.At the point when various payloads or outsider payloads are introduced, clients can rearrange the automaton’s focal point of gravity in the DJI Pilot application, upgrading flight execution and security.

Discreet Mode

At the point when the circumstance calls for inconspicuous automaton tasks, particularly during the evening, all lights can be totally killed in the DJI Pilot application.

AES-256 Encryption

The AES-256 encryption keeps your information transmission secure so you can make sure that your basic data remains safe.

Obstacle Avoidance

A vigorous FlightAutonomy framework with front, base and upper sensors identifies and stays away from impediments while empowering exactness floating so you can fly with certainty.

Anti-Collision Beacon

Outfitted with new top and base enemy of crash reference points, the V2 rambles are noticeable during the evening or in lowlight conditions, making task in under perfect conditions more secure.

DJI AirSense

With an implicit ADS-B collector, the DJI AirSense innovation upgrades airspace security via consequently giving the administrator ongoing data about adjacent planes and helicopters.

  • 38 Min Max Flight-time
  • 8 km Transmission Range
  • IP43 Ingress Protection
  • TimeSync
  • Anti-Collision Beacon
  • Multiple Payload Configurations